How To Choose The Right Orthodontist

Many of us don’t have the straightest teeth going around, and look for options to get our teeth into a confident smile. But where do we start? Finding the right orthodontist involves weighing up and considering many factors. When looking for an orthodontist in Carrum Downs or elsewhere in Melbourne, consider the services they offer. Some orthodontists specialise in orthognathic treatment. This is especially important for those needing surgery to fix their jaw. Other orthodontic specialists have a range of discreet aligners that guarantee straight teeth. Some orthodontists specialise in early orthodontic treatment. It’s all about finding the right orthodontist for your needs. Whether it’s for you or for your child, there’s an orthodontist out there with the right services. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right orthodontist for what you need.

Experience and expertise

Finding the right orthodontist is definitely about finding the right fit for the patient. Always select an orthodontist who has years of experience and education under their belt. A good way to find out about their experience is to look at the ‘about’ page on their website. There may be an orthodontist in Carrum Downs who has a much larger portfolio of education and experience compared to others across Melbourne. If you can access a variety of services from one orthodontist, you can bet that they have quality experience and knowledge.

Services to suit your needs

This one goes hand in hand with the point raised above. Selecting an orthodontist, whether it’s an orthodontist in Carrum Downs, Frankston or anywhere else in Melbourne, should be about the services they offer. There’s no point visiting an orthodontist that doesn’t have the services you or your family needs. Research online for orthodontists who provide the services that suit your needs. Services vary from the type of aligners they offer, to orthognathic treatment options.

Orthognathic treatment

Orthognathic treatment is a complex surgery but not a scary one. It does need to be undertaken by a trained professional. If you or your child needs work on their jaw before they wear braces, orthognathic treatment might be the solution. An orthodontist who performs orthognathic treatment must undergo further training in order to be able to do this. Save yourself time by consulting with an orthodontist who provides this service, if it’s what you think you need.

Reliability and responsibility 

Our last point is based on the values of the orthodontic clinic you visit. Whilst your orthodontic treatment might not be important to others, it’s an important part of your journey. A good orthodontist respects and appreciates your journey towards straighter teeth. Select an orthodontist who has excellent reviews and recommendations. Finding the right orthodontist can be a challenge but it’s important to select one who is reliable.


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