The Best Apps To Improve Dental Hygiene

We know that most people use smartphones. We also know that apps are continually growing in popularity, for a variety of reasons. Some people use mobile apps to play games, others use them to improve productivity. When it comes to health, all smartphone users can find a number of apps to help improve their wellbeing. As more and more adults get braces, orthodontic specialists stress oral health importance. Teenage orthodontics aren’t always nice, but they do have a happy ending. The best braces experience is one that has been cared for. We’ve put together a list of the best mobile apps that help with orthodontic treatment for both children and teens.

Tiny Dentist

Tiny Dentist is a great app for those with teenage orthodontics. The game works with either a male or female character. The player needs to complete a scenario that involves cleaning, brushing and flossing a patient’s mouth. The fun part about this app is that players get to be the orthodontic specialists and use all sorts of cleaning tools. This game educates kids about how important it is to get regular dental check-ups.

Chomper Chums

We love the Chomper Chums game because it talks about dental hygiene. Using one of three characters, a lion, an alligator or a horse, the user can learn about brushing techniques. This is a great app for children and teens with braces. Orthodontic specialists and dentists recommend people brush their teeth for two minutes, and this app helps improve the child and teenage orthodontics experience by using a schedule and timer.

Brush DJ

Who doesn’t love a bit of music, especially when showering or brushing your teeth. The oral hygiene ritual doesn’t need to be boring or full of effort. With this app, a child with or without braces, can dance to their favourite song for two minutes. It helps with timing, something orthodontic specialists say is a struggle for those with children or teenage orthodontics. The app was designed by a dentist and also lets the user schedule flossing and dental check-up reminders. Let’s dance!

My Bright Smile

This app is a great one for all children and teens, with or without braces. The app was developed by Colgate to improve oral health education. It’s a free app that aims to build healthy oral care habits. The app has a timer, dental games and fun facts. Orthodontic specialists love this app because it also talks about limiting the amount of sugar a child eats.


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